Hanon Harchol recounts his first three years as a public school teacher. We see his hardships and struggles as he enters the profession, oblivious to the actual demands of teaching. But Soon those obstacles become opportunities for growth for both teacher and student. The overarching theme of the film is perseverance, never give up, stay the course. 

Many times, Harchol wanted to quit, but he didn’t. There was something deep within his heart that gave him the strength to keep moving forward, against all the odds. I think of that today, during these uncertain times. The world has changed, and we have temporally lost many of the freedoms we once enjoyed. Take heart, this too shall pass. No matter how bad it seems at the moment, it will get better. We will persevere.

When this wave has washed over , and the sun shines down upon us once again, we will shift our focus to realize better days ahead.

About Hanan Harchol

Born in Israel and raised in the United States, for the past 11 years Hanan Harchol has been a public high school teacher in New York City teaching filmmaking to students who are for the most part socio-economically disadvantaged. “I made this film because I felt that often the portrayal of teachers on film and television was a comedic caricature of the profession. I wanted to show what teachers really go through and begin a discourse on how to better support teachers, and with that, how to better support our disadvantaged student population.” Hanan is a New York-based artist, filmmaker, animator and classical guitarist. ABOUT A TEACHER is his first feature film.

For more about the film visit, www.aboutateacherthemovie.com