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Chris Foggin Makes a Heartwarming Film with a Little Help from FISHERMAN’S FRIENDS

Chris Foggin talks about making the heartwarming film FISHERMAN'S FRIENDS. Based on a true story, the film follows a group of singing fishermen who get discovered by a music producer who takes the fishermen from a small Cornish village to international fame. Chris Foggin grew up in Durham, a small town in the North-East of England.  He had always wanted to be a filmmaker but it seemed like "pipedream." He didn't have industry connections or family who worked in the business. It seemed unattainable. So he put the dream on hold and got a job working in a sandwich shop. It turns out that the owner of the sandwich shop knew someone who worked at a major television station. They got him a job. He worked hard, made connections, and gained a lot of experience which lead him to make the short films FRIEND REQUEST PENDING starring Judi Dench and THAT NIGHT starring James Corden. His first feature film, KIDS IN LOVE hit [...]

Scott Wilson from HEAT OF THE NIGHT to WALKING DEAD, An Actor’s Journey

Scott Wilson’s career as an actor spanned over fifty years. If it were not for a medical condition, the world might never have known some of the most unforgettable characters in movies and television.  Scott Wilson was playing basketball for Southern Tech when he came down with Hepatitis. His doctor told him that he couldn’t play basketball anymore, so he quit school and hitchhiked to Los Angeles. He recalled getting drunk and going to an acting class. That didn’t sit well with the teacher, who told him, “I don’t know what your problem is, don’t come back to my class drunk.” Wilson came back the next week, apologized, and the teacher gave him a monologue. He worked on it, and the following week, he performed for the class. On stage, Wilson felt as if he were in a bubble, and could do no wrong. The experience set him on a journey to learn how to access those feelings and skills [...]

Adrienne Vanderocker Finds Her Voice with Indie Music Project — VANDEROCKER

Adrienne Vanderocker, a multi-talented singer/songwriter and performance artist, talks about her indie music project— VANDEROCKER, an eclectic blend of devotional music, roadhouse blues, trip-hop, avant-garde, and indie-pop. In a candid interview, Adrienne Vanderocker reveals how, as an invisible child, she felt she didn’t have “permission to speak.” It wasn’t until she left home and started to be in the world by herself and express her creative voice that her life opened up. Her growth as an artist and a person came through introspection and hard work. Through the writings of Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes and the mentorship of Ram Dass, she found clarity and inner peace, the importance of being in the moment. On stage and in performance, she realized that she didn’t have to be perfect. She could leave those limiting beliefs behind and step into that powerful wonder woman waiting for expression. Listen to the interview streaming on Spotify.

Tony Dean Smith Talks About His Sci-Fi Thriller “Volition”

Tony Dean Smith came Center Stage to talk about his first feature film, the science-fiction thriller, VOLITION. It all began while he was in film school. He had developed a story about a scientist experimenting with a drug that would allow him to see 50 seconds into the future. Written as a short film, but it never got made. He wasn’t satisfied, so he put the project on hold. As the years past, he kept coming back to that original story, re-working and re-writing the screenplay, but he couldn’t find the missing piece of the puzzle. He was stuck, trapped in a prison of fear. Would he ever finish the film? He thought about where he was and where he wanted to be. At that moment, everything became crystal clear, and he realized that the one thing missing to complete the film was within him all along. Listen to Tony Dean Smith as he talks about making his award-winning film [...]

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